How LevernGear achieved outstanding employee engagement before and during times of crisis

The team at LevernGear holds high regard for its employees’ health and wellbeing, as can be seen in its efforts to provide a supportive environment that prioritizes employee wellbeing, ensures safety and inclusivity, as well as provides competitive compensation, employee benefits, training and career development.

What represents one of the most important aspects of all sorts of businesses is by no doubt the employees. That is precisely why Employee Engagement is considered crucial for successful growth and development of different organizations. LevernGear points out that Employee Engagement is seen through the prism of employees’ opinions and behavior, and their emotional attachment to the company. And the best way a company can achieve its goals is through employee engagement, which is directly proportional to productivity.

According to LevernGear’s findings, Employee Engagement is to a great extent determined by the perception of employees that their work is appreciated and relevant to achieving business objectives, regardless of the workload being reduced due to the crisis. Also, another factor in sustaining Employee Engagement is by letting workers know that their performances are measured using objective (and not subjective) criteria.

Our employees are our most valuable strategic resource and the strong backbone of the organization which internally supports the business. Firstly, we have accelerated the business performance of the South Asian market through people and organization development and operational excellence. We also improved productivity, fostered strong Employee Engagement, and maintained a low attrition rate. We succeeded in supporting the company to maintain solid performance and productivity throughout the year from before and during a critical time in the current pandemic.

Our three key messages that were communicated to employees pertaining to corporate wellness are:

  • LevernGear will consistently drive Employee Engagement under our Employee Benefits policy which covers wellness, celebration and giving back. Wellness is the strongest program with a mix of initiated programs such as Fruit Festival Day, One Dish Party & Birthday Celebration, etc and other sports activities
  • Employees to stay safe and take part in all precautions to risk being exposed to Covid-19. LevernGear also introduced remote work meant to inspire and motivate staff and their families
  • Maintain good health through discipline with a healthy lifestyle and mindset which will help employees face any challenges in their best condition

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