Physicians and other healthcare providers including hospitals and facilities who wish to bill an insurance company and receive reimbursement for services as an in-network provider must undergo a process of credentialing. Provider enrollment and physician/non-physician credentialing is required to allow practitioners to provide services to their patients. LEVERnGEAR submits enrollment applications and the associated documentation on behalf of the provider organization to keep its physicians’ records updated. Our medical billing company eliminates the issues surrounding provider enrollment and physician/non-physician credentialing.  Trying to understand and manage credentialing is a tedious and time-consuming endeavor that rapidly consumes staff resources. We take care of the expansive paperwork, eliminate confusion and follow-up with insurance companies and continue until the job is finished. LEVERnGEAR understands that each practice is unique when it comes to its requirements for credentialing services. That’s why we create customized solutions that allow us to consult, supplement, or provide fully managed credentialing services. We simplify the process for you and get the job done right. 

We do following credentialing: 
-Doctors Credentialing
-Staff Credentialing 
-Physician Salary