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 We create value and optimize all business processes by taking care of customers’ back-office management with uncompromised quality and through interminable utilization of skilled and trained resources; thus, creating synergy for customers as well as being socially responsible and building communities for a better world.


LEVERnGEAR Limited is a private limited company incorporated under Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) in Bangladesh. Established in December 2015, LEVERnGEAR provides Medical Billing Service and customized process automation to address a broad range of Medical operation needs.

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LEVERnGEAR is delivering 24/7 services to all areas. Our certified & professional Medical biller team enables the workforce to cater to all facilities.

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We are committed to ensuring the security of its own and client's information. The IT team works continuously for client data protection and uninterrupted connectivity.


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LEVERnGEAR is special in the medical service since its born

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LEVERnGEAR is a leading Medical Billing service in Bangladesh. One of the best ITES company in South Asia. 

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