About Us

LEVERnGEAR was established in 2015 and has rapidly grown to become one of the country’s leading company in BPO industry.

We have expertise in Medical Billing for all kind of medical service provider. As a medical billing specialist, it is our outsourced goal to provide outstanding quality medical billing services.                                

We are committed to making your life easier and helping you with effective, efficient medical billing and invoicing. It is our objective to provide you with an exceptional medical billing service and be your trusted partner. 

Being one of the leading medical billing service provider LEVERnGEAR mainly focuses on serving you with unparalleled quality, customized billing, and convenient services to medical practices.

The combination of skills and experience also enables us to proactively modify our processes whenever necessary, in order to comply with regulatory and industry mandated changes. Consequently, we have been HIPAA compliant well before the mandated implementation date.

LEVERnGEAR believes in simplifying processes and bringing flexibility in our working system thus giving us leverage in delivering 24/7 services to all areas. Our certified & professional management team enables the workforce to cater to both our offshore and onshore clients’ need in all ways.


Our mission is to ensure our clients have the perfect blend of technology and user experience in their regular business confirming that it provides flexibility, speediness and most importantly security.


Our vision is to be a leading company which provides value-added services to businesses in the field of healthcare, finance and banking by building partnerships with our customers, through expertise, ingenuity, and dedication of our people as well as through the products and services we offer.

Core Values

-Team Working
-Responsibility -Ethics