Cost Analysis

We can help you manage your costs better.

Why is it important?

It is an integral part of the doctor-patient or provider-patient interaction which can have an indirect impact on patient satisfaction levels. Therefore, using the best practices to manage and analyze costs well will help to further uphold the organization’s values and brand image.

What we do


Save department and staff costs

This task can be time consuming when carried out in house whereas when outsourced, it only requires an employee to devote at least 52 hours per year of their office time.

Save software and hardware costs

This includes the annual costs for practice management software and for computer hardware costs whereas when outsourced this cost reflects the cost of operating the computer and printer of the independent practice.

Collect higher percentage of claims

On average, a practice collects 60 percent of what it actually bills, whereas when outsourced on average, a practice collects 70 percent of what it actually bills with chances of collection rates increasing further.

Need help to minimize costs and maximize value?

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