Insurance Verification

It is imperative to verify insurance eligibility for successful medical billing. Insurance eligibility & benefits verification process can be managed via a call to the Insurance Company, via websites or through online software currently integrated in many medical billing systems. Through proper Insurance Eligibility Insurance Verification, RCM can be improved by decreasing the number of rejected medical claims and improving the cash flow to the Facility or Providers. Every healthcare provider should give primary importance to insurance verification services because this can greatly impact its bottom line. Rejections and improper payment result in rework and resubmission of the claim. So it is important to select the right provider delivering quality and cost-effective patient eligibility verification services.

LEVERnGEAR is offering Insurance Eligibility Verification services to its clients and the service is offered as part of the full revenue cycle management. We offer this service at two levels – the first level is a basic insurance eligibility verification that gets coverage details of the patient in addition to the co-pays and deductibles applicable. The second level is much more in-depth and involves the gathering of ‘code specific’ eligibility.